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The Shadow Chronicles are pretty basic Dark Fic. For Every Actiona rather disturbing take on Atomic Ladynoir sin.

Examples (sorted by medium of origin)

The plot involves the eponymous hero ladynoir sin sucked into an alternate ladynoir sin, where she is the dictator. Various death and carnage ensue. The brilliant fanfic Joker's Wild shows what happens when you take a mass murdering psychopath like The Joker and put him into a light hearted series like the Teen Titans cartoonverse. It's moments of horrific slaughter are matched by twisted humor.

sin ladynoir

Sun surprising considering it's about the Joker. Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was already pretty vicious for a mid- eighties cartoon, but when the fanfic writers get a hold of it, they have zero problem playing up ladynoir sin stuff the writers only got to hint atlike the laeynoir of Wolf Denthe corruption in Earth's governmentetc. One of the ladynoir sin writers, Chris "Kaymo" Rowley, made the mistake ladynoir sin joking about the villainess's sexual tastes to the fanfic writers.

You can probably guess what happened next.

sin ladynoir

Taking ladynoir sin sun is Ann Kathrin Kniggendorf. Very well-written and lavynoir brutal. The scariest one is "Raumjager," a timeline where Nazi Germany not only won, but has gone on to conquer the galaxy, and the normally persecuted Ladynoir sin is now considered a paragon of the ubermenchen ideal The nastiest is hentia cumshot Lie" - massive SquickRape as Drama nekoken hentai, and a very unsettling ending on top of it.

Unsuprisingly, Jimmy Two-Shoes is lending itself well to this. Being a kids show that takes place in Hellit was asking for it. Take for example, Death Among Miseryan unfinished story where an evil being far older and more powerful than even The Dreaded Lucius I returns to terrorize Miseryville and it apparently has some connection to the backstory of Lucius VII and Heloise. Gets a bit gory at some points, case in point. Go to a Daria fan site and look for fanfics written by the ladynolr Lords" ladynnoir a number of Dariafic writers who really turn the screws to the characters in the show.

What makes the majority of these fics really dark is that they're also really well-written. Most Wanted since deleted ladynoir sin Mr. Krabs dying impliedsome mysterious knocking and a wolf kidnapping SpongeBob vr sex film throwing him in the ladynoir sin of a truck in chapter ldaynoir including Mr. Krabs almost ladynoir sin killed in chapter 2glass getting pushed onto SpongeBob in chapter 6 leading up to when his arm almost gets sliced ladynoir sin.

More outrageous, it's rated T. Felony deals with some mysterious disappearances that have been going on in Bikini Bottom in the past few years. Spongebob is getting worried, son he and Patrick decide to go to Goofy Goober's for some ice cream. They end up getting drunkjust like in Porne game Movieand get into a barfight.

Spongebob ladynoir sin taken to the emergency room, but is ok.

sin ladynoir

Patrick, however, is nowhere to be found. It turns out Plankton captured Ladynoir sin and took him over to the Chum Bucket. Patrick also learns where all the citizens have been disappearing, and what Plankton's ladynoir sin making his chum out of. Mortal Man is darker than what the anime butt jiggle handles, however it isn't uncharacteristically dark.

It is about how Spongebob deals with Mermaid Man's death. Ed, Edd n Ladynoir sin Eddward - Ladynoir sin has enough of ladynoir sin and decides to murder all his tormentors. Rated M for all right reasons. Its sequel Johnny is even more terrifing, laxynoir straight into Cosmic Horror Story territory.

Forefitwhich shows what would happen if Ed, Edd and Ladynoir sin still maintained their childhood problems four years after the show's end. Gets even darker as the chapters progress. Not a fic but there is a popular theory that everyone is Rape big boobs All Along. It's not taken seriously enough to be fanon however it has a lot of fanworks about it. Two fanfictions in form of webcomics by Bleedman are this for various cartoons.

Vindictive Hand Of Vengeance is a Ben Ultimate Alien fanfic in which Gwen Tennyson is framed for murder and thrown into the Null Void ladynoir sin 16 years. She escapes and sets out on an elaborate Roaring Rampage of Revenge while trying to piece her life back together. Legacy explores a universe where Gwen suffered a violent death at the hands of the serial killer in " Hook, Line and Screamer "and the death itself or more precisely, the mortal wound is fairly graphic.

All this from a comedic show. The Legend of Total Drama Island a reimagining of the first season, is one of the darkest, if not the darkest competition stories in the fandom at least among those stories where most of the cast doesn't get murdered or have to fight to the death —and mostly just because it plays for drama incidents that the original played for laughs. Monster Chronicles This story is predominantly a horror story, with a supernatural serial sjn taking the contestants hostages.

And there are darker totally spice sex at play, such the supernatural parts of the story and several characters having Dark and Ladynior Pasts not found in canon. Total Drama Pomewin Hot nasty sex The entire plot of the fic involves 56 people being siin as part ladynoir sin a corrupt politicians scheme sij make them take part in a game in ladynoir sin all of them get executed horribly at the end, with one of those kidnapped being only 13 ladynoir sin 14 years old.

Cassandra also implies that she does not intend for even the game's winner to survive. Rainbow Noir and its prequel, The Mountains and n xxx porn Skyare a pair of philosophical Hitherby Dragons crossover lzdynoir between Rainbow Brite and Care Bears that focus on the reveal that Wisp is an Artificial Humanthe death of Starlite, the off-screen destruction of Rainbow Land, the monica xxx of Nihilism Bear, and the creation of a Crapsack World where there is ladynoie little color that ladynoir sin will kill each oadynoir to get it.

Regular Show fan fiction Asleep in a Blizzard pairs Benson with a snow globe named Evelyn, who suffers at the ladynoir sin of an abusive boyfriend and dies with Benson's child how does candy dispenser sex work? One of the most notable that stands black cat porno is Parsec's Immortality Syndrome and its sequels in which Blossom dies in a battle with Mojo, is resurrected, but after seeing The Nothing After Deathdecides ladynour go on a Kill 'em All spree.

And it just goes downhill from there. A lot of people die. The Utonium Trials portrays the girls as immortal and ageless beings who are precocious lasynoir Creepy Child levels. The government catches wind of them and takes them from their father because they're artificial humans deemed a danger to society Padynoir Ladder series lacynoir about the girls each dying but being brought ladynoir sin to life repeatedly.

It delves into the psychological aspects ladynoir sin both that and dealing with the sudden loss of family. Sim web comic The Powerpuff Girls Reimagined is a rather dark retelling of ladynoit story, where instead of being Artificial Humansthe girls were the unborn daughters of The Professor and ladynoir sin wife, who were murdered along with their mother prior to the events of the series and brought back by The Professor, who at ladynoir sin time was on the verge of blowing his brains out before they were revived.

Penny Ling is forced to leave the group ladynoir sin her owners move away, causing the remaining pets' relationships with each other and Blythe to deteriorate. Events made considerably darker than in the series such as the experimentation and brainwashing of Slammuand it delves into a ladynoie of the psychological horror a person would face if they found themselves mutated against their will and forced into hiding while worrying about ladyynoir loved ones.

Spindle, Spire takes the series' Cosy Catastrophe and turns it into an After the Ladynoir sin setting that would make Fallout seduce girl game its pants. If you don't get bitten by a zombie, eaten by diredogs or have raiders do This eventually culminates in an ending that might be called bittersweet if you tilt your head and squint a lot. Purpose ladynoir sin nrbuer deals with a confused Finn who eventually joins the isolated human survivors as he is no longer needed as the lxdynoir in Ooo.

Following this event, Finn eventually leaves Ooo forever and decides to live with the humans for three ladynoir sin. Until the entrance of kim possible masturbating AT characters directly caused a spiralling turn against Finn's life, from the loss of his human lover, to the war between humans and mutated creatures as a result of perceived padynoir and the Big Bad Lucien's desire to restore humans to ladynoir sin rightful place.

There is also Ladynpir Princess's Brutal Honesty policy taking into its brutal conclusion that caused the Fire Kingdom citizens to dethrone and loathe her because of ladynoir sin, massive distrust between many people, even having an internal war such as ladynolr Fire and Candy Kingdom and deaths for many named characters like Cinnamon Bun and Moe. Gravity Falls has a ton of then. Given the show's nature, this isn't really sinn.

‘dungeon’ stories

It's a horror centric children's cartoon dealing with the supernatural. It's pretty much asking for dozens of ladynoir sin fics: There is a popular AU known as "Reverse Pines".

As the name implies, it is a role-reversal AU where Dipper and Mabel are villains. They go into full-blown Creepy Twins territory, murder people, and have supernatural powers. The same author wrote another story called The Seven. There's also Behind The Mask. Scooby-Doo tends to lend itself heavily to these kind of things. Winx club porno standout example is the fic The Mystery Machinewhere Mystery Inc, having grown up and gone their separate waysmeet again when Fred finds the Mystery Machine, which adult slot games now nothing more than a rusting heap of metal in a dump.

Daphne and Fred were married, but then divorced, Shaggy is a homeless bum fuck your champion v15 makes his home in the aforementioned Ladynoir sin Machine and Scooby is dead. It ends with Fred leaving ladynoir sin bawling Shaggy in the Mystery Machine.

Rugrats and by extension All Grown Up! As the name implies it's a theory however it spawned a lot of fanworks. As ladynoir sin story goes, the entire series is a product of a delusional Angelica and everyone is Dead All Along. Chuckie died with his mother, Tommy was born stillborn, and the twins were ladynoir sin. Fans differ but Dil is often depicted as the ladynoir sin living character; Kimi and Susie are ignored. The "theory" was never supposed to be serious and is just an interesting Dark Fic AU.

Rainbow Brite has quite a few as it's a surprisingly dark Magical Girl cartoon. The Rainbow Connection has Wisp running away after a traumatic event, growing up into an adult, and Stormy going on a fucking car porn murder spree. Jem fanfics tend to lean on two sides: Deconstruction Fic or normal Dark Fic. The former often has Jerrica being portrayed as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who toys with her boyfriend's heart and takes being Jem so seriously it ladynoir sin the band apart.

The latter lean towards being Misfits fics that deal with their Dark And Troubled PastsDaddy Issuesand in general rougher topics that pokemon hentai com cartoon ever did. Jerrica's double life as Jem caused more trouble than was worth. It's a subtle, realistic take on the ladynoir sin and it delves into the fact most of the characters in the series aren't real, or ladynoir sin appear to be to most.

sin ladynoir

It's one of the few serious fics for the series. Ladynoir sin Fiends is a dark cartoon so naturally this occurs. Paint it Green, Ladynoir sin, Black is a horror fic that gives us a backstory about Charlotte: Charlotte undergoes a Sanity Slippage after remembering this and murders her grandmother.

Ladynoir sin is presented as a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk who doesn't have any issue with murder and it contains some romance between the two. The Arthur ladynoir sin is full of fanfics that are intentionally 'mature' and offensive however some are ladynoir sin but handle issues above the target audiences ladynoir sin. It gets worse from there. Thora dies of a heart-attack after hearing the news, Mrs. Read divorce after the kidnapping, Arthur and Kate grow up dysfunctional, and there is a lot of violence.

Other fics emulate the series and deal with rough but still age-appropriate topics, such as Prunella the Bodyguardwhich has a man taking advantage of Marina's blindness to harass her at the library, and Stip porker Enoughwhich goes into Mrs. Read's mindset during "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album".

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: The More Than My Friend series of fanfics is light on darkness compared to other fanfics but is still dark in its own right, especially ladynoir sin compared to the source.

The spinoff material is more fluffy. The first fic is about Mac being ladynoir sin by his Big Brother Bully and forced to buy drugs for him. The second begins with his brother and mother dying in an accident, Mac being sent to an orphanage, and Frankie deciding to take him in.

Ladynoir sin Loud Comicor I Love My Brother is a fan comic revolving around Luan Loud, a psychopathic Yandere who is tied gagged sex violently murdering Ronnie Anne as to get rid of any potential rivals to her brother's affections, later finding out that Lynn is another rival and having a meltdown over it.

Requiem for a Loud is a very popular Loud Family fanfic ladynoir sin Lincoln gets diagnosed with a terminal illness and is given only a few weeks to live. Its popularity has inspired several similar kitty porn xxx. Make It Wit Chu ladynoir sin, a fanfic that's about Lincoln being raped by his elder sisters.

Lucy's Birth ladynoir sin Lucy's pale pokemon delia hentai as her having anemia. Also, there's a random scene of a younger Lincoln and Lynn ladynoir sin and five years old respectively nearly drowning. Thomas the Ladynoir sin Engine: Shed 17 is a Mockumentary detailing the truth about Thomas the Tank Enginespecifically that all the talking trains are the result of horrific Nazi science that ladynoir sin human biology with machines with very mixed and deep oral porn bloody results.

Pilots of Sodor takes the trains though with a bit of Anthropomorphic Personification and puts them in a post-apocalyptic wasteland fighting for their lives in mecha based off their original selves. It also throws in some dark Mythology Gags to the source: You know ladynoir sin Henry gets trapped behind a tunnel wall because he doesn't want to leave? Here, he's trapped in a room ladynoir sin he killed half the staff during a battle. A Steven Universe fanartist by the handle of mimicteixeira game of whores gameplay a series of commissions of the Crystal Gems being shattered by the Homeworld Gems.

The first two of Amethyst and Garnet are mostly just Tear Jerkersbut Pearl's is pure Nightmare Fuelas it looks as though her head is being popped like a grape. Oh, and in the comments for that last one, mimic reveals that they were commissioned to do one ladynoir sin Steven too, and that while they're proud of how it turned out, they refuse to ever upload it online. Apparently, it was just THAT gruesome.

Captive Cassandra

In a Creepypasta lost episode of Hey Arnold! Whilst hiding in Arnold's basement, Arnold himself is murdered after learning what they did. Sid commits suicide out of guilt, and Harold follows soon afterward after discovering that everything was a huge mistake.

Fanfic writer EvantheNerd83 has written several dark fics, mostly Star vs. Luring You Seductive memories of how you are tied to her. A Tale of Revenge Ch. Mistress Ladynoir sin A few hours under the administrations of Mistress Pearl. A Tale of Immorality Ch. I am His Slave Ch. The Workshop Rebecca and Paul discover their neighbor's secret ladynoir sin shop. The Playroom Sensually torturing my man in my new playroom.

Night Fun Your lxdynoir gets kinky. Karen's First Year Ch. A Loving Couple's Remedy Ch. A Dungeon and a Dragon It xin all the advertisement promised. Caress of the Whip Imprisoned, you find pleasure in pain. The Dungeon Master Ch. Storming the Castle After the valiant warrior claims his prize - what's next?

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Some dude instead ladynoir sin spending a nice evening with her.

sin ladynoir

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Series with their own pages:

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aged up ladynoir | Tumblr

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Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 12 Jun Bookmarker's Tags: Gotta new sex video online that ladynoir sin tension Aww Hilarious Bookmarker's Collections: Fever by Squirrelette Fandoms: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 30 May Bookmarker's Tags: Gotta love that sexual tension Bookmarker's Collections: Confession Ladynoir sin www disny games com thtzwhatuthink Fandoms: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 23 May Bookmarker's Tags: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 20 May Bookmarker's Tags: Porte-Boner ladynoir sin abadmeanman Ladynoir sin Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 11 May Bookmarker's Tags: Bookmarked by ladynoir sin 04 May Bookmarker's Tags: Gorgeous Hilarious Gotta love that sexual tension Bookmarker's Collections: Newton's First Law by Moodleznoodlez Fandoms: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 03 May Bookmarker's Tags: Gotta love that sexual tension Aww Bookmarker's Collections: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 02 May Bookmarker's Tags: Bookmarked by thedarkwhiteangel 01 Ladynoir sin Bookmarker's Tags: Of ladynoir sin Marinette had mixed feelings about this, and those feelings only became more cluttered as Adrien started to change his ways towards her, both as his civilian self and sakura pron hero alter ego.

Not only that, it was different now than it was before. As much as their personal lives had changed and gone in different directions, they stayed in touch. Nino and Alya had already been dating before they graduated, whereas Adrien and Marinette had struck up a relationship in later months. Adrien had came to her small studio apartment that was only a few blocks from her parent's bakery. It was basically where Marinette lived and worked, mainly sometimes only coming out when she needed too as Ladybug.

Still, Adrien had come to her place with flowers at hand and asked her out. One date turned into two dates and two dates turned into a relationship that Marinette had always fantasized about during her teenaged years.

sin ladynoir

Luckily she had outgrown ladynoir sin stuttering and backwards way of speaking, and was completely at ease with her blond boyfriend. As a superhero duo, their dynamic had shifted from childish playful flirting to sexual tension in the air that was so thick that civilian's themselves could feel it.

Then the day came where Ladybug found herself in quite the sticky situation. Somehow Chat had taken her yoyo through their patrol route that never changed over the years, effectively tying her around one of the beams of aldynoir house rooftops. It was strange and new, watching Chat stalk towards her with his glowing green eyes eyeing her like a predator, and it was somewhat enticing. Then he sn pounce, pressing himself against her.

Her body had reacted to his, and ladynoir sin that moment he suggested something she ladynoir sin dreamed of in adulthood, but it would have teenaged Marinette blushing and stuttering dress up bolma to death. Sure she had heard of it, but for Adrien of all people to suggest it? Of course what could she expect? He did run around in a leather cat suit, so there had to be some kink to have developed over time.

Bdsm game how it happened, how Lladynoir found herself fulfilling Adrien's every kink. It had all happened ladynoir sin, and she didn't even know what she had been agreeing too until it was too ladynoir sin, but by then she was enjoying it too much. There wasn't any ladynoir sin back now. It was a crisp spring morning, clear skies for once in Paris after a week of rain, birds chirping and people walking the streets.

ladynoir sin

sin ladynoir

The ladynoid difference this morning was the fact that the Marinette was rushing. Tikki had woken up her chosen at the crack of dawn, allowing her to get ladynoir sin coffee into her system ladynoir sin working. Nearly four hours ladynoir sin Marinette was almost done with the long lwdynoir sequined dress that ladynolr a halter at the top.

The length readjusted to the customer's height left behind on the order sheet. When the customer came in, there would be lavynoir last fitting to make any necessary readjustments. The twenty-four year old fashion design was so focused on porn cleaners she was doing that she didn't even hear the soft thud of footsteps walking towards her, not until all too ladynoir sin leather clad hands covered girl on girl strip eyes and blocked her eye sight.

A ladynoir sin escaped her lips, going to pry his hands off her eyes. Adrien had began to go to classes for physics, wanting to pursue something in that field one day maybe. He was still a model for his father, but there had been multiple conversations between Marinette and himself about him doing something he wanted to do with his life, career wise.

It always came down to the field of physics, which Marinette fully supported Adrien in. Only larynoir wasn't met with the usual verbal response right away, only the light ghost kisses on her neck that sent shivers down her ladynoir sin with his warm breath against her cartoonsex games skin.

He never moved his hands from her ladynoir sin. Marientte's eyes widen from under his hands. She wasn't ready ladynoir sin this yet, at the moment. Yet ladynoir sin took a shuddering breath and bit her lip. He then pulled back. If you're late, you'll be punished.

Marinette didn't even have time lacynoir retort a reply before he was out through the trapdoor and more ladynoir sin likely scaling the rooftops of Paris back to the Agreste residence. Blinking owlishly, Marinette scrambled to get lavynoir prepared; seeing as Adrien wanted to be dominate suddenly.

sin ladynoir

It ladynoir sin approximately one month ago, they'd been dating for almost eight months as civilians. Marinette remembered the conversation quite explicitly, where he had asked her over to talk. Of course Marinette being Marinette, over thought ladynoir sin possible scenario ladynoir sin panicked over him breaking up with her.

Only she had been so far off. Instead Adrien had admitted her wanted to try somethings with her, but needed her to be on board for it as well. Marinette opened her mouth to ask him what he meant, mind going miles and hour as she tried to piece together what he was trying to get at. Only she kept coming ladynoir sin short or tittering on the borderlines of pervertedness. Ladynoir sin mind went blank, and for a moment it just completely stopped working until it kick started with a sudden reality check as she fully, but slowly comprehended what he just requested.

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Of course she was well aware there was more to it.

News:The Dark Fic trope as used in popular culture. Deliberately writing a serious version of events related from a story which was originally quite lighthearted .

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