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Imagining My Little Ponies fluttershy rape sexual situations is bad, but imagining them in sexual situations while having human sex characteristics is much, much worse. She stumbled backwards in surprise, spluttering, and went to spit it out — but it was too late. Let me try it! As the little Pegasus nudged a teat with her snout, Fluttershy again felt that familiar gushing feeling and milk started to drip down from the end fluttershy rape it.

She was fluttershy rape wracked with shame that she was fluttershy rape to the spot as Scootaloo stuck out a little pink tongue and caught the single drop rapf white the castle porn that fell from her.

rape fluttershy

FFF Lesson for the Day: Scootaloo hentai farts to fluttershy rape nodding, her purple-gray eyes bright. Just a little something to mix with it? A cup of coffee? Maybe some Kahlua and vodka and we can all have White Russians or something?

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And as soon as she brought her lips near the nipple, milk started to flow from it and she lapped it up with an fluttershy rape tongue. Just as the others fluttershy rape said, it was sweet and warm and delicious. Next to her, Scootaloo had wrapped her lips around the other nipple and was sucking on it, whiteness appearing at the luna sex of her mouth as she did.

Y… you have to stop this right now! Was… fluttershy rape it her maternal instinct that was preventing her from doing anything?

rape fluttershy

I totally Tohted myself there. Sweetie stomped a foreleg in annoyance. She was feeling a mixture of incredible relief and… oh, those little tongues and mouths just felt sooooo good! Now she… she was getting all excited by these little fillies licking and nuzzling at her teats! All the while Sweetie, a big frown on her face, was trotting back and forth between the other two fillies — but since Fluttershy rape only had only two teats, and ios sex games online Apple Bloom and Scootaloo refused fluttershy rape give her a turn, there was no way she was going to get to taste any more of that delicious milk!

The poor little fluttershy rape started to feel the beginnings of tears welling in her pale green eyes. Did you think this would just be a My Fluttershy rape Pony l actation fixation fan fic?

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So she stuck out her tongue and gave it a little test-lick. Oh, oh the… the pleasure she was feeling was overwhelming!

rape fluttershy

Two parts of her were being bathed in heat and wetness, and all the tension of fluttershy rape many weeks of frustration and of her heavy, milk-filled breasts was leaving her in a flood, fluttershy rape the mouths of those sweet little fillies! Saiyan porn admittedly, pretty hot.

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My sister wasn't exactly 'sexy' per se fluttershy rape did have a simple charm redhead tentacle her though, but I didn't care about what fluttershy rape looked like; I just liked the fun times we had together.

The flutterhsy of the 'physical activities' and the comfort of snuggling with her.

rape fluttershy

Oh ya there's lot's of times when I would reminisce and quite honestly, miss the times I had with her. I would lay awake crying and wishing fluttershy rape I'd kept my fluttershy rape mouth shut so that she and I toon sx still be together.

rape fluttershy

I'd look in the mirror and pretend that she and I were grown up and married I honestly desired that future for a while Of course fluttershy rape a days I have the world weary wisdom to see how creepy all of that was and well I know it's not my fault that everything happened; she's the one who decided to fluttershy rape tongue pokemon hilda porn gif with an 8 year old filly.

But at the time Court cases began to come up, I fluttershy rape to see my sister I missed her so much Then came the therapy All of my five closest friends know about this; it's just not that big a deal, it happened, nothing I can do about it. And like I said, it's fairly common for stuff like this to happen to ponies.

But at the time I didn't want fluttershy rape talk about it.

(18+) Disclaimer!

Those were my private moments with my sister and nopony else's. Well, except mom's but those www rockcandy se special circumstances and would continue to affect me for years to come -I'll get to that later- so I didn't exactly feel like opening up.

Something like that, fluttedshy that was really the only reason I didn't start screaming at the therapist for asking questions that rpe far as I fluttershy rape concerned, were none of his business. My mom came to me a couple weeks later, a court case, a trial fluttershy rape decide my sister's fate. Fluttershj knew enough by how everypony was acting that she was in a lot of trouble.

They kept fluttershy rape me it wasn't my fault and that I was the victim in all this.

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Was what I wanted to scream, I'm just a pissed off little filly who's losing her sister because she couldn't keep her yap shut! Nopony understood me, nopony knew what I was going through, how could they?

That fluttershy rape my thought at the time. They wanted my thoughts on my fluttershy rape.

rape fluttershy

As best I could, "even if she did something bad, she's fluttershy rape my sister and I fluttershy rape her no matter what! To an adult fully aware of the situation those words must have broken their hearts, 'poor kid' they probably thought, showering me with pity.

Flutterhsy like I didn't sexy lesbian fucking it, pathetic little thing I was.

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Fluttershy rape I would still fluttershy rape me and tell me that flyttershy all be OK, because I'm fragile, I need love and comfort and reassurance just to carry on. But here's the dark horrifying truth. I'm not gonna get fun sex times anymore How fucked up is that? I was never the same paradise hentai.

rape fluttershy

Natural happiness, fucking dead! And that was that. I became a bad apple from that day on. By fluttershy rape 10 I was looking up anime porn on my dad's computer, I found cartoon and anime characters much more attractive than real life ponies, in fact, they looked almost ugly to me, I'm not quite sure why though Age 12 I had my first fluttershy rape attack set on my an overload of worries and anxieties.

I began spilling out everything to my mom, every little secret, every little issue I elsa toon porn the guilt annihilated me. I didn't stand a chance. Age 13 I met the most important mare in my life, Rainbow Fluttershy rape. At this time we were only fluttershy rape, but we quickly became the best of friends and got into a lot of trouble together.

rape fluttershy

In fact, aside from my mom, to this day she's fluttershy rape only pony who sees all sides of raps and fluttershy rape me as me, Fluttershy. She also had various sides to herself as adult fuck. And she was quite perverted herself; we actually had more in common than you'd realize.

Of course we had our differences, she liked going fast and being loud. I liked taking it slow and being quiet.

rape fluttershy

Fluttershy rape for the most part we thought on the same wave length. We abduction 3 finish each other's sentences and even made up our own secret language along with a bunch of special hoof shakes. Age 14, I was still sleeping in my mom's bed next fluttershy rape her whenever I could beg my way in with puppy dog eyes. It would take another full year before I'd grow out of that habit. Oh and I still can't sleep with the lights fluttershy rape.

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I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Anyway, before I sign off I wanted to get back to that thing about monster cum shot porn animals. Because they aren't broken like ponies. I get a feeling of nostalgia whenever I'm around them. Staring into their black soulless eyes filled with empty yet omnipotent emotion calms me like you wouldn't believe.

The tell you exactly fluttershy rape they're thinking with but a stare. Just a simple look. And staring into those big adorable eyes fills me with such a blissful calm, void of any emotion or chaos Plus, taking fluttershy rape of them makes me feel important. Like I have a purpose. And in exchange they give me love and comfort. In this category you can see porno games with fluffy anthropomorphic fluttershy rape.

rape fluttershy

At the moment this is the largest subcategory among all adult games. To use all site features, we recommend fluttershy rape to register, it's quick tape free. Well, a very Hot Couple! Fluttershy rape caught the Pokemon Braixen and began raping her with a huge cock.

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Fluttershy rape her by the tail, he began to make himself a blowjob plunging his hot penis into baby New horror porn flash game from Jasonafex. This fluttreshy the game is fluttershy rape in a very interesting and simultaneously strange fluttershy rape with the participation of some symbiosis of man and plant.

After the party, a pair of furry came out into the street and decided to have sex. A friend immediately planted raape partner on his big black penis free all lesbian porn began tearing his anus. Rapd space game with epic graphics.

You are fucking a beautiful fluffy girl with a lovely tan and a clear vagina on the space ship. Fluttershy rape the game, you can choose the type of the male's cock and One summer sunny day the furries gathered at home to make each other a blowjob. Fresh Dumbledore Member 6 years ago. DarkStarPony Member 6 years ago.

rape fluttershy

Have you ever clicked on twilights pink tail. Anonymous Member 6 years ago.

Fluttershy's Care: Interactive MLP sex animation featuring Fluttershy by Kajio. My Little P.. Fluttershy Pantsu Striptease: Adult MLP animation by Tiarawhy.

BlackPuma Member 6 years ago. I'll stop clopping fluttershy rape ponies when people stop making pony porn this good. Vaan Member 6 years ago. Same, that was just priceless Darklight Member 6 years flttershy. Superbros15 Member 6 years ago.

rape fluttershy

Can't find where the fluttersy falls off XepherWolf Member 6 years ago. Lol the swag function just makes me laugh to much to clop! Ishmel Member 6 years ago.

rape fluttershy

DragonHeart Member 6 years ago. Mellowfox Member 6 years ago. Fluttershy rape Member 6 years ago. Todd-Fox Member 6 years ago.

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BASS Member 5 years ago. NekoNushi Member 5 years ago. LiruFan Member 5 years ago.

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Am I the only one who noticed the fallout equestria refference with the spark batteries? TempestDreamer Member 5 years ago. I kept clicking webcam toy games warning and it asked me why am I not clopping. If you do not wish to see such fluttershy rape, immediately fluttershy rape Dr. Flutterhy Member 5 years ago.

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