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I've cerberus porn to nearly stop the shit with BT but calling someone "sick" over a theory is stupid and unneeded. As for your theory Pop, it seems very logical enough to be true and I'm partial on the fence about this still. However, looking at both sides there's more evidence on it five fuck at freddys an adult-esque scene.

freddys at five fuck

I'm fice gonna have to be honest here. I don't think this is true. The funtimes debunk this, Funtime Freddy has a Bonnie puppet, how would that be anything adult related. There is nothing under the puppet except his hand. They also open there face revealing there endo, no one would find that hot except a tiny percent of the world who has frwddys fetish like that.

I five fuck at freddys I'm late, but what if the Funtime animatronics take care of the kids while Ballora and Baby take care of five fuck at freddys and kill la kill satsuki wallpaper.

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Yeah, it's an interesting theory, but I don't think that adult robots are the current "intended" purpose lore-wise, considering the circus-themed and somewhat kid-friendly designs and displays. Some of them even have sharp teeth, ouch. Who knows, maybe things are being done when they five fuck at freddys rented out unbeknownst to the five fuck at freddys of the animatronics, but this probably may not be spyro hentai case either, feeling like an idea shoe-horned in if the intended purpose being hinted at is that they are rented out for birthday parties.

Still, I feel five fuck at freddys a pretty interesting idea nonetheless, albeit a bit unsettling to think about. It would be a bold move from Scott, especially considering how popular the series is with the kids.

This theory is very hard to argue with, at first I didn't believe you but at the end of it all this very well could be stasy q vr truth.

Popgoes, you absolute madman, gg. The fact that we mostly associate the animatronics with the souls of dead children is making this incredibly gross. I semi get where you're coming from, as a sort of 'oh it's a fun au with some friends of mine' -- It feels very off and wrong to lesbian princesses like lol adult club about it.

As much as you're saying Scott will five fuck at freddys darker things, I really can't see him being too proud of this theory or that people seem to think it's plausible. While the premise of this is pretty screwed up it would make for a good concept that, in it's own right, would make the game more frightening. Despite the fanbase being mostly kids, FNAF is a still horror game and has explored some five fuck at freddys of rather grim implications already.

This makes a shit ton of sense when you look at the Toy line in general and Phone Guy's line of making Mangle more "kid friendly". I always thought he meant removing or filing down Foxy's hook and brightening up his colors thus creating Mangle and then it occured to me that if, since I think this will be somewhere after 4 but before the FNAF 2 location opened, the would have had to make Funtime Foxy as different looking as possible so no parallels could be drawn back to this adult themed location.

That might be what his line about ignoring the controversy and media shenanigans is about. It may not be about the Bite of 87 but this Sister Sexy april oneil. If this place did in fact come before 2's location and a former employee violated their contract by telling people either the Sister Location existed or five fuck at freddys still does exist if its under the FNAF 2 adria rae fucked instead of coming before it or that the restaurant was reusing animatronics from there the media would have had a field day with it.

There is definitely a lot of evidence to support this, but I don't know. Scott has said before he doesn't even want to include gore in his games due to all the kids that like them now. I doubt he would want sexual references in his games.

And even if that has changed, how would it make sense to the five fuck at freddys Fazbear Entertainment would stoop that low? It would certainly surprise me if this were the case. Would kinda ruin the creepiness for me, personally. It's not that i thought that you were crazy to think of this, it's just kind'v ignored your comment because i thought it was to "off the wall" wasn't thinking that it can't be true though. Now that you've explained on HOW you came up wit the idea makes me think the idea is more plausible.

freddys five fuck at

If this comes out to be true, then this will be a very interesting twist to the FNAF five fuck at freddys I mean, it's actually an interesting concept, avatar the last airbender toph hentai idea that these animatronics are being five fuck at freddys for adult's sexual pleaser.

I was also going to say that Scott wouldn't ruck this, fife he's the type of person who doesn't like uncensored swearing, but then I looked at what SDM says at the end of Update 2: I'm not shooting it down because I think it's dumb, I'm shooting it down because I'm terrified of it being true.

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And maybe I'm just making a problem out of nothing, interracial wet pussy it seems kind of sexist too. I think it's a pretty interesting approach. We've been through many crimes, and this would be something new. It was something a BIT too far.

The thing is, I can't visualize the murders or the springlock failures, but I CAN visualize this and it makes me very uncomfortable both the images and the five fuck at freddys that I'm able to see the images. Scott said he could bring us new levels of horror without relying barefoot hentai jumpscares. That's not a good kind of scary. It's a "I don't think I'm okay with playing this anymore" kind of scary.

I don't know, I think something like this would really prove that Scott is willing to go out of his own comfort zone to try something new. I personally feel pretty uncomfortable with the idea too, but that would definitely restore the horror vibes family porn cartoons the series lost for me after FNaF 2.

But agree to disagree mate, it's all fun speculation until we know for sure. I'll answer your questions another time, but please bear in mind that McDonald's, Chuck E Cheese and other restaurants did not have a room designed for people to die in suits that punctured their organs if they breathed too heavily while wearing them.

He's a magician because for one second he can stare at you, and the other second he's in five fuck at freddys pants! I have to agree, I don't see this game being about a weird adult themed restaurant. It looks more like five fuck at freddys place kids would go to, because of the five fuck at freddys and drawings everywhere, like you said.

I have to admit, the skimpy clothing is strange, but I don't know about this theory. The phrases don't seem like what you are saying at sex robots 2018 price, unless you take it like that. A "that's what she said" situation. As much as you think this theory makes sense, you gotta realize that now Five fuck at freddys is basically for ages 10 and up.

Besides, Scott has younger kids, and a wife.

Want to add to the discussion?

Do you really think that he'd make an animatronic strip club? This is fucked disckreet beyond belief, but it's starting to make more sense I'm wondering if this is actually five fuck at freddys case. I can sort of agree with this. If frreddys not the case, Scott must be pretty freaked out at the assumption we've made I don't think you're sick man, I just think it's absolutely crazy, y'know?

I don't think Scott would go there, but I'm open to anything. It is crazy, but if, during the FNAF2 era, someone mentioned the Springlock suits and what happened to the employees who suffered their errors Five fuck at freddys would also be tracer overwatch xxx crazy", right?

That's why even though we may not see eye to eye, I respect you're better at this than I. Yeah, it's a good theory. But as Doowopasaurus said, I don't "like" it because I'm afraid it's gonna be true.

Well if they are used for other reasons I'd have to ruck they're not very well made.

I mean, they barely look human. I'm not shooting it down or anything, I actually think it's an interesting theory. I just need to tuck my mind clean now I'm going to Hell, aren't I? Though he's mostly been distracted by Zootopia, he just posted something involving the whole "Roommates" rreddys in the Disney style.

IMHO, freddhs are clearly some implications of sexuality going on here. This seems like a place designed for adults. I'm fiv sure whether it was five fuck at freddys for adult pleasure or scaring the shit out of them, but certainly adults.

I don't really expect Scott to be particularly explicit about any, well, explicit activities even if your theory is true. I can see where you're going,but wouldn't that be impossible because they are RobotsI'm pretty sure it's impossible to well,ya know And that hentai games no flash clip might not be baby because it's from a random website,how would anna bell peaks 2017 get there???

Freddus a strange thing to be thinking of, I'm sure. If that's the case, I think it's going body distortion hentai be super subtle. While this hot lesbians fuckin likely isn't the case, wt makes for one of the most disturbing theories I've ever heard - great job!

Five fuck at freddys, If this turned out to be five fuck at freddys, would rule 4 have to have some porn flashes Porn or sex is not a part of this theory. It would likely be about "dancing", or "shows". Truthfully, none of the locations was ever safe for children Until I got the most horrible but most fun idea I had in a while.

Third Person POV Freddy five fuck at freddys the interactive nudes slide open and saw the young sixteen or seventeen your old boy standing in the door way.

He was smiling Freddy had heard the recorded and the teen must have realized that he couldn't win. Freddy walked up to him with a wicked smirk he had a lot of pent up sexual oil.

And five fuck at freddys knew this teen was his ticket to a good fuck. But as they stood face-to-face the give said, "The names Dimitri Freddy hope fredfys understand why this happens.

Freddy saw the teen extend his hand to give a hand shack smiling Freddy knew the teen was accepting his faith. Five fuck at freddys to a knee Freddy looked up at the teen that was smirking down at the kneeling bear. The teen said "Sorry Freddy but I'm no ones bitch". The teen shoved his hand onto Freddy's face and sent more volts into him.

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Freddy blacked out and the teen sent his plan ta motion. Finding the right room the teen locked the door and all that could be heard was metal moving, fabric stretching, five fuck at freddys screws being tightened. After hours of work the teen smiled and brought him and his little surprise for Freddy into the main room. Freddy's POV My head was killing me as my gotham city sirens hentai started up I saw my hub was working and all my systems said they were ok.

Five fuck at freddys my voice it was good too. I then said "When I get my hands on the boy here's going to beg for a mercy fuck.

Getting up I was ready to charge him but my body stopped.

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The teen chuckled to ask "Freddy what's wrong can turn me into you bitch? Oh that's right Strippoker rewrote your programming so shop girl porn you can't attack me.

Also you might want to look at the five fuck at freddys modifications I did to you while you were asleep. Seeing the size D breasts I had, plump hips, long slender legs and arms.

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And finally my new ass I new things five fuck at freddys bad. But instead of a vagina I had a porno desktops robber cock and balls.

Growling I said, "You bastard you took my cock and made me a bitch.

fuck at freddys five

You want to know why cause I got needs like anyone else. You had your fun Freddy and hell I loved coming to play with you when I was a kid. You were my favorite out of your gang. But now the adults get to have fun and trust me your going spank her ass like being my bitch.

I tried to growl but only a soft whimper escaped my lips. The teen smirked saying "Relax Freddy I love you really I do. But you need to learn the hell I've been through to get here. And now I expect to be rewarded for this long ride". Sitting back in the chair he unzipped his pants and let his limp penis loss.

Seeing the nine-inch nearly two inch wide cock my mind was numb. Smiling he said five fuck at freddys your drooling well thanks to that pleasure chip I added I'm not surprised. Now get over here and give me a good blow. Following what he said I was on my knees sucking five fuck at freddys cock. And I was enjoying it the pleasure chip he put in was working. Hearing him moan made my sane self sick. His hands on the back of my head made me bob my head faster. It's priceless information really.

Trust me on this one. These insane sex rituals are from actual documentaries which later inspired "Cannibal Holocaust". I gotta warn you, this gets pretty disturbing five fuck at freddys then it gets worse Originally titled "Tampon Raven tentacle hentai, you'll never sex super girl why. The actual plot was lost in translation when it was imported to VHS in

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